Top Reasons why you’re struggling to lose weight

You are eating right and exercising regularly to lose weight? But unable to see any positive results.

Want to know where you are going wrong?

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Here are the top reasons why your repeated attempts to shed a few kilos are not yielding results..

Losing weight is not just about eating right and exercising.

It is a long journey and you need to be really dedicated and determined to achieve this goal.

There are several other important factors that one needs to pay attention to while trying to lose weight along with healthy eating and exercising.

Most of us have heard the adage” Eat less and Move more” if you want to get rid of those extra kilos. Though many people follow this principle, they are unable to reduce?

Have you ever analysed the reason for not being able to shed those extra kilos?

To get fit, you need to consider the four important pillars of health like balanced nutrition coupled with adequate exercise, quality sleep and good emotional health. If you can figure out the root cause of what is going wrong in your routine, it will become easier for you to fix the issue.

You may have problems losing weight due to the following reasons:-

  1. You are setting unrealistic goals and punishing yourself

Most people want to lose weight fast and opt for quick fix methods like crash diets, surgeries.These techniques can impact your body adversely and should be avoided unless it is recommended by your doctor.

Always set realistic and achievable goals to lose weight for eg aim to lose 1-2 kgs a month. You need to have a proper plan to achieve this in a manner which is healthy and sustainable.

2. You are not keeping track of what you are eating

Awareness is extremely important while trying to reduce weight. Most people don’t keep a track of what they eat and end up eating more than required resulting in overeating.

Studies show that people who maintain food logs or who post pictures of what they eat are successful in losing weight compared to others who don’t maintain these diaries.

3. You are not mindful while eating

Mindful eating refers to chewing and eating your food slowly without distractions and relishing your food thoroughly. Avoid reading books, watching television or doing things simultaneously while eating food, as your brain cannot comprehend when your stomach is full and you end up eating more.

Studies have shown that mindful eating causes significant weight loss and reduces the need to eat frequently.

4. You are not eating enough protein

Protein intake is very necessary while trying to lose weight. Proteins help in boosting the metabolism and keeping you full for a long period of time.

Eating a protein-rich breakfast helps in reducing the cravings and the desire to snack regularly as it affects the appetite-regulating hormone called Ghrelin. Hence, we tend to eat less when we include more proteins in our diet.

5. You are eating too many calories than necessary and indulging in binge eating

Often, we find that people who are trying to lose weight are eating too many calories. We have heard people saying frequently that one should eat 6-8 smaller meals instead of 3 large meals as it helps in reducing your hunger pangs. This has been largely misunderstood and most people end up eating through the day. 

In order to lose weight, you should have strict control over the number of calories consumed and this can be tracked with the help of a calorie tracker. Even if it is healthy food, one should strictly watch what you are eating as excess calories consumed can hamper the entire weight reduction effort. Use smaller plates to eat food as it can help you eat smaller portions, thereby reducing the calories consumed. It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain it’s full, so eat slowly and stop eating before you are full.

6. You are skipping your breakfast 

Skipping breakfast completely is not a good idea to lose weight. Your body will not get the essential nutrients and you may end up overeating later because you were hungry.

7. You are not eating meals at regular times

Eating meals at regular times during the day helps in burning calories at a faster rate. It also reduces the temptation to snack frequently on unhealthy food.

8. You are not eating a whole food diet

Just like the quantity of food is important, the quality of food is equally important and plays a bigger role in losing weight. 

Include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre.. Salads help in losing weight as they keep you full for a long time. One should also include green leafy vegetables, vegetable juices/ smoothies, oats, wholegrain bread, brown rice, pasta, beans, peas and lentils in their diet which will help them become fit and healthy.

9. You are avoiding a certain category of food completely.

Don’t ban foods from your weight loss plan else you will end up craving for more. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it occasionally as long as it is within your daily calorie limit.

10. You are exercising but it is not benefitting your body

You are either over-exercising or your body has got used to the kind of workouts resulting in slowing your weight reduction process. You need to do shorter workouts so that the body does not produce cortisol, a stress hormone, which gets converted into abdominal fat.

To lose body fat you need to work on increasing your muscle and lean mass. This can be done by doing workouts like squats, push-ups, burpees, pull-ups that are done using your body weight rather than running on the treadmill. Train your body to do high-intensity workouts which will help increase your muscles mass and burn body fat. This should be coupled with the right food and right recovery like quality sleep.

11. You’re not getting adequate sleep

Sleep and Recovery are the two important factors which help your body to burn fat.

Have you ever wondered what actually happens to our body while sleeping?

Your body is actually burning fat while sleeping at night. We have white tissue and brown tissue in the abdominal region. So, the more you sleep, the more body fat you may be able to burn especially in the abdominal region.

We also need to understand why the recovery of muscle is so important?

 Rest and recovery is an important aspect of an exercise program as it allows the body to repair and strengthen in between the workouts.

12.You are stressed either at work or at home

Have you recently noticed a big bulge around your waist lines? Do you know why this happening? It is because of Stress. It plays a vital role in  gaining weight. We tend to eat more of sugary snacks when we are stressed.

Always reach out for healthy options when you want to eat. Also you can beat stress by exercising, practising Yoga or meditation or by pursuing a hobby

13. You are not chewing your food properly

Most People don’t chew their food properly and gulp it down in a hurry.

Chewing your food properly till it becomes into a liquid form helps in better digestion and weight reduction.

 14. You are eating your dinner quite late

Eating a late dinner may prompt weight gain, increase the blood sugar levels and raise the risk of chronic illnesses.

Hence to keep your weight under control, you should have an early dinner keeping a time gap of at least 3 hours between dinner and  bedtime

15. You are still consuming too much of alcohol, sugar beverages and desserts

Studies have shown that alcohol and sugary drinks are very fattening and should be avoided completely. One should avoid deserts and drinking beverages with added sugar even if they are healthy.

Instead of drinking fruit juices, you should eat whole fruits which help in losing weight.

16. You are consuming too much of carbohydrates

If you are looking to reduce weight, then you should minimise your carbohydrate intake.

 Reducing carbohydrates helps in faster weight reduction and improving overall health parameters like triglycerides, HDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

17. You are not drinking enough water

Drinking water regularly has immense health benefits and helps in weight reduction. It keeps you hydrated and eat less food.

Studies have shown that people who drank half a litre water before meals lost 44% more weight.

While trying to lose weight, you must also limit your alcohol consumption as they are high in calories.

18. Your Vitamin D count is very low

A person cannot lose weight at any cost when his Vitamin D3 levels are low, no matter how hard he exercises and has a healthy diet. He has to improve his Vitamin D3 levels before trying to burn fat.

19.You are leading a sedentary lifestyle

Most of us are so busy with our work all though the day that we hardly find time to exercise. This is not good for health and results in weight gain.

Exercise plays a very important role in reducing weight. It must be done for at least an hour and can be in the form of walking, running, swimming, yoga or any other workouts.

20. You are too dependent on outside food and avoid home cooked food

We all love to eat outside food because we find it tasty and we have a lot of variety to choose from.

What we don’t realise that the oil and butter they use are often unhealthy and results in various illnesses. Hence it is always advisable to eat home cooked food whenever possible and avoid outside food completely.

21. Medical conditions

If you don’t have the right hormonal balance, your body will not allow you  to lose weight.

So, many people who suffer from PCOD, diabetes and thyroid issues have hormonal imbalance issue. You should consult your doctor and look at correcting this problem through exercise, food, sleep and by reducing the stress levels.

Let’s take the example of a woman who wants to reduce her weight but has a thyroid problem or PCOD problem. What is the best exercise for her?

She should not do exhaustive workouts as it will worsen her condition and will never help her lose weight. She should start doing light exercises like walking and yoga. When you have medical issues, you should not punish your body by doing strenuous exercises. By doing this, you will end up producing more cortisol which is again bad for your health. You should aim to correct your hormonal balance first and then resort to train heavily

Losing weight can be a tricky journey. The above article must have helped you identify the issue you are facing. Take charge of your health now and implement the changes to correct them. In case you are unable to do it alone, seek help from a nutritionist.

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